Government Of Wakanglisapa.

Government Of Wakanglisapa.
WakanglisapaCamp Rules.
Yellow Knives/Red Savage Language.
Ubar Julian RedCloud ~RSOL~
Ubara Anipi RedCloud ~RSOL~
FirstSword Hawke WolfClaw ~RSOL~
First Shield Wyatasi WhiteFeather ~RSOL~
inahan {petala}WolfClaw.
inahan {mitawin}WhiteFeather.

Most tribes had several warrior societies. These societies had much influence within the tribes and on an alternating basis, to preclude any one society from becoming predominant, a good deal of power. Their members were expected to set an example in the war and the hunt.
Savages of Gor pg.260-261

Warrior Societies in the tribes have many functions They are a significant component of tribal existence. Such societies, on an alternating basis, do such things as keep order in the camps and on the treks. They function, too, as guards and police. It is part of their function, too, to keep the tribes apprised as to the movements of kailiauk and to organize and police tribal hunts. Such societies, too, it might be noted are useful in various social ways. They provide institutions through which merit can be recognized and rewarded, and tribal traditions freshened, maintained and renewed. They preserve medicine bundles, keep ceremonies and teach histories. It is common for them to give feasts and hold dances. Their rivalries provide an outlet for intertribal aggression, and the attendant competitions supply an encouragement for effort and a stimulus to excellence. Within the society itself, of course, the members profit from the values of alliance, camaraderie and friendship. Needless to say, each society will have, too, its own medicines and mysteries.
Savages of Gor pg. 261

The Yellow Knives Tribe will be governed by one Tribal Chief, to decide rules, decisions, and day to day life and administration of the Tribe and camp life.

Tribal Chief: Chief/Ubar Julian RedCloud
Under the Chief is a Council which meets with the Chief to discuss and vote on the major issues affecting our Tribe.

- Warrior Society Leader

The Council:
1. The Council members each will have equal power.
2. All Frees on the Council will have the power to make decisions on issues that need IMMEDIATE attention.
3. Each Council member will communicate decisions made to the other Council members & the Chief via Yahoo Messenger or Other Means established as soon as possible.
4. The Chief's decisions will be communicated to the Tribe via the message board or Private Message in a timely and informative fashion.
5. Each Council member will support the decisions made by His Fellow Council members. Discussion or dissension with an individual member will be addressed in private, and if need be, a decision reversing a decision may be reached by the Chief.

Gor. 18+ Located North of the City of Oasis and Hellkite Manor, with hide & wood huts, & a Central Fire. No Zoned. slaves beg all, no exceptions. This is the Camp of Itancanka Julian RedCloud RSOL. Respect & Honor will be shown! Protected by the Law of the City Oasis and Hellkite Manor, Both Hellkite Manor and City of Oasis are Protected by the Yellow Knives Tribe of the Wakanglisapa Camp.