inahan {mitawin}WhiteFeather.

Government Of Wakanglisapa.
WakanglisapaCamp Rules.
Yellow Knives/Red Savage Language.
Ubar Julian RedCloud ~RSOL~
Ubara Anipi RedCloud ~RSOL~
FirstSword Hawke WolfClaw ~RSOL~
First Shield Wyatasi WhiteFeather ~RSOL~
inahan {petala}WolfClaw.
inahan {mitawin}WhiteFeather.


Name: inahan {mitawin}WhiteFeather.

Home: WakanaglisapaCamp.

Status: sg {second girl} to WakanglisapaCamp, Personal
inahan to Itancanka Wyatasi WhiteFeather.

FC: None is an inahan slut.

Weapons: small jeweled dagger.

Protectors: Itancanka WhiteFeather, Itancanka RedCloud, Itancanka WolfClaw, Kashna RedCloud and {petala}WolfClaw this inahan's choonweh.

Information: this slut belongs to Itancanka Wayasti WhiteFeather wears His Collar since 09.30.2007. Owned Mind body Soul & Heart. girl is for His use ONLY, Any problems should be Taken to Him. Serves, & lapping Only, Nothing More. Punishment by His hands Only. May Travel to Safe Zones.

Duties: Keeping the Camp Tidy and such and does what choonweh petala asks of this one, she is fg of the Camp.

History: Coming soon, still working on it.

Gor. 18+ Located North of the City of Oasis and Hellkite Manor, with hide & wood huts, & a Central Fire. No Zoned. slaves beg all, no exceptions. This is the Camp of Itancanka Julian RedCloud RSOL. Respect & Honor will be shown! Protected by the Law of the City Oasis and Hellkite Manor, Both Hellkite Manor and City of Oasis are Protected by the Yellow Knives Tribe of the Wakanglisapa Camp.