First Shield Wyatasi WhiteFeather ~RSOL~

Government Of Wakanglisapa.
WakanglisapaCamp Rules.
Yellow Knives/Red Savage Language.
Ubar Julian RedCloud ~RSOL~
Ubara Anipi RedCloud ~RSOL~
FirstSword Hawke WolfClaw ~RSOL~
First Shield Wyatasi WhiteFeather ~RSOL~
inahan {petala}WolfClaw.
inahan {mitawin}WhiteFeather.


Name: First Shield Wyatasi WhiteFeather

HomeStone: WakanglisapaCamp.

Race: Yellow Knives

Status: Caste of Warriors, Savage Warrior, Trained By Hawke WolfClaw FS and Ubar Julian RedCloud.

FC: None

Inahan's: Owns mitawinWF, she is Mine any problems with her
bring them to Me and I will deal with her.

Weapons and other things: 36in long Savage Spear with Tribal Designs, 12 foot whipknife at my rt side, & a Bola at my lft side. binding fibers

Blood to Ubar Julian RedCloud, Hawke WolfClaw, Ubara Anipi RedCloud, and Agigau RedCloud.

Raises: Ost, Prairie Sleen, Tarsk, and Hunting Tarns.

Protected Members: mitawinWF, Ubara Anipi RedCloud, petalaHWC Hellkite Manor/City Oasis Members ..... You Mess with any of them you Deal with me as well as the WarCouncil of WakanglisapaCamp.

Protects the Camp from Raiders and such, will protect the members of the Camp as well as the Members of Hellkite Manor and the City of Oasis with my Very life and will do all I can to keep everything safe and Going the way it should.

Gor. 18+ Located North of the City of Oasis and Hellkite Manor, with hide & wood huts, & a Central Fire. No Zoned. slaves beg all, no exceptions. This is the Camp of Itancanka Julian RedCloud RSOL. Respect & Honor will be shown! Protected by the Law of the City Oasis and Hellkite Manor, Both Hellkite Manor and City of Oasis are Protected by the Yellow Knives Tribe of the Wakanglisapa Camp.